Hi, I’m Dr. Vallen Cordon. I am proud to be your Paramedical Tattoo Clinician!

What Is Paramedical Tattooing

A paramedical tattoo, also known as a medical tattoo or a corrective tattoo, is a tattoo that is used for medical purposes or to camouflage a scar or skin imperfection. Paramedical tattoos are typically performed by trained and licensed paramedical tattoo artists who have experience in creating natural-looking designs that can help restore the appearance of skin that has been damaged or altered due to medical treatments or conditions.

Paramedical tattoos can be used to cover up scars, correct uneven skin pigmentation, and recreate the appearance of natural features such as eyebrows or nipples. They can also be used to provide a more realistic-looking areola around a breast implant or to cover up a skin graft. In some cases, paramedical tattoos may be used to help patients feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance after undergoing medical treatments or surgeries.

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